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A small halt designed by Phil Shapter

When the latest issue of “Narrow Gauge Downunder” (Summer 2007) arrived, I quickly turned to the plans page to see what Phil Shapter had dreamed up. The result of Phil’s work can be seen in the plans below. A small halt (depot) with an oversized roof was Phil’s delight this issue. Not being able to contain myself, I made my way to the computer, opened the CAD program and drew the stud wall plans seen below, so I could make a start on this structure. The name "Tullie" is of no particular location, but just seemed to suit the diorama.

The result is a really nice structure, with unusual proportions, but one that sits nicely in it's diorama. The structure has a simple interior, in keeping with the structure, and yes, all three windows work with the bottom half being able to move up or down.