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The photograph above of a Noske Brothers warehouse was most likely taken in the early 1920’s in the small town of Rainbow, north of Warracknabeal in the Wimmera district of Victoria, a state of Australia (my home state).

It was crying out to be modelled, but there were a few problems to solve before the model was started. A search of the Internet did not reveal anymore information on the structure, including photographs or dimensions, especially for the other, unseen side.

The dimensions are the most critical. The only way to achieve this is to use a known or estimated dimension in the photograph. It was assumed that the figures would be about 5’8” high (1.62 m) or 34 mm in ¼” to the foot scale, this being the scale that the structure was going to be modelled in. With the photograph printed, the figures measured 22 mm high. The ratio of the printed figure to the ‘O’ figure was 34 mm divided by 22 mm, or 1.55. So now measurements made on the photograph could be multiplied by 1.55 to get close estimated dimension. An example is the height of the warehouse wall which measured 50 mm high multiplied by 1.55 gives us a model height of 70 mm or about 11 feet in the prototype, which seems about right. And my motto is:  “If it looks right, it is right”.

My 'O' scale model can be seen below. It contains eight figures, two vehicles and over 250 resin cast bags of wheat. All the signs are computer generated using as close as possible the correct typeface. The sign colours have been imagineered. The large NOSKE BROS sign on the roof and the one on the end wall were hand painted.

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