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1950: 16 November - Born (now aged 50 something)

1953: Saw first steam train - Heavy Harry (a large Victorian Railways steam locomotive).

1956: 25 December - Given first train set (an oval of Triang track on a board with one train.)

1962: Built first layout - Triang track and trains on an 8'x 4' board with a very crude attempt at scenery.

1963: Built first scratch built building - used cardboard and balsawood.

1965: Bought first model railway magazine - "RAILWAY MODELLER".

1966: May - Saw first narrow gauge layout in "Railway Modeller" named "Castle Valley Railway" built in 009

1966: June - Sold all Ho Triang track and trains and bought my first 009 loco (an 060 Baldwin) and some 009 crazy  track. 


1967: Built first narrow gauge layout based loosely on the "CVR"

1968: Started first job at "The Age" newspaper. Could now almost afford to buy model railway stuff.

1969: Attempted to build first hand laid track - wasn't too bad either.

1970: Visited first "Camberwell" Exhibition and was totally amazed at the high standard of modelling.

1973: Started first business which kept me away from the hobby till 1984

1984: Moved to Sunbury, a small town on the outskirts of Melbourne, Victoria.

1985: Joined the Sunbury Model Railway Club. Bought my first "SHORTLINE & NARROW GAUGE GAZETTE" and I had found my true calling .


1985: September - Went on first trip to U.S. and visited many hobby shops.

1986: September - Second trip to U.S. - this time to Colorado and saw "Caboose Hobbies" and bought my first Hon3 brass locomotive. Also rode the "Durango & Silverton" N.G.Railraod.

1986: October - displayed my first exhibition layout shown at Sunbury 1986. It was 009 European but with a  very strong American influence. It amazingly won most popular layout.

1987: September - Third trip to U.S. - attended my first "NARROW GAUGE CONVENTION" and rode "Cumbres & Toltec" on a Jim Trowbridge Freight Special. – probably my greatest single experience in the hobby.

1987: October - displayed first Hon3 Colorado layout called "D.& R.G.W." at Sunbury - received first invitation to exhibit one of my layouts at another model railway exhibition outside of Sunbury.

1989: Again travelled to the U.S.A. to attend a Narrow Gauge Convention and ride the Special Freight train over Cumbres & Toltec.

1990: Joined the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA) and attended my first NMRA Convention in Sydney.

1994: Became a “Master Model Railroader #210” as part of the NMRA’s Achievement Program

        Same year I sold most of my Hon3 collection and started building in O Scale – the best decision I have made in the hobby. Also attended my first National NMRA Convention in Portland, Oregon, and was fortunate to win a couple of first places in the model competition, which was a great thrill for me.

1996: Was again lucky to travel to the U.S.A. to attend the Narrow Gauge Convention, this time in Durango,  and was very honoured to have my model of an old RGS passenger car win several prizes and awards.

1997: I have been mainly building layouts and models, with a tendency toward building highly detailed  dioramas. Helped organize the very successful 2nd Australian Narrow Gauge Convention held in Melbourne.

2001: Helped organize the 5th Australian Narrow Gauge Convention - again a great success.

2002: Attended my 100th model railroad exhibition where I have exhibited one of my layouts.

2004: Travelled to the USA to attend the Narrow Gauge Convention in Santa Clara' California, as well as a tour through Colorado and middle California. Was fortunate to win "Best Digital Photograph" at the convention, as well as presenting a clinic on "Dioramas", which was a great thrill for me.

2005: Helped organize the 7th Australian Narrow Gauge Convention in Albury - again a great success considering we took over at the last minute.

2007: On the committee to organize the 8th Australian Narrow Gauge Convention to be held in Melbourne at Easter

2007: Will continue to exhibit my layouts and dioramas at exhibitions and passed my 140th exhibition attended - and I still enjoy doing it

2008: Travelled to Seattle and attended  the National Narrow Gauge Convention held in Portland

        Continue to concentrate on building dioramas, which is where I see the hobby taking me.


TOMORROW: Who knows what direction the hobby will take me in – just so long as I continue to enjoy it, continue to meet other modellers and have heaps of fun doing it.