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The Shelter Bay Lobster Wharf was built to enter into the "STRUCTURES" section of the modelling competition at the 9th Australian Narrow Gauge Convention held in Sydney over the 2009 Easter Weekend.

I do not need any excuse to build a wharf. I love the interaction between land and water, where you can create that salt air atmosphere plus the hundreds of interesting details. These type of structures contain iconic details such as the lobster pots, which I had to scratch build, as well as such items as buoys, seagulls, log piles and boxes of fresh fish and lobsters.

Normally I would have built this as a diorama, with fully detailed water, including extra piles, waves and floating seagulls, but I had already built a diorama to enter in the "DIORAMA" section, so following the rules, the base is a flat, smooth board that can be painted in only one colour. In this case I used a spray can of gloss deep blue. This gives the impression of water, but stays inside the rules.

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Pile locations .