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The 8th Australian Narrow Gauge Convention, held in Melbourne over Easter 2007, had a section in the photographic competition that allowed entries free rain on how they achieved a final result. Any type of photography could be used and any computer aided effects were allowed.

Having just completed my diorama of "H. SHAW  -  MOTORCYCLE REPAIRS" , I had spent some time out side in my backyard taking photographs of it for an article and for inclusion in my website. The result can be seen opposite. I thought about entering the resulting photograph as you see it here,  with the wood edge of the diorama removed. But a few nights earlier, we had had a storm pass over with some severe bolt lightning included. Thus the idea was born. Could I add lightning to the photograph of H.SHAW'S. and give it the feel and atmosphere of a lightning storm.

My first problem was to find the right photograph of lightning that would be suitable. Not knowing when the next storm would pass by and knowing how hard it is to get a good photograph of lightning is, I turned to the internet.

A search of Google™ images found me several images that would do the job and two are shown below.


The cropped image of H.SHAWS' can be seen below left, before the figures in the foreground were removed, and the sides of the diorama. Below are the two images joined as one, and ready to have the join 'Photoshoped' out. The finished result can be seen above. The cropped image of the lightning strike can be seen below. No work was done on this image before is was joined to the other photograph of SHAW's.





This composite photograph was fortunate to be voted the best in it's section in the Convention's competition.