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At the 5th Australian Narrow Gauge Convention held in Melbourne, the model contest had a very interesting special section called  "A STANDARD STRUCTURE". The rules were quite simple and are included below

Because no two modellers will build the same model exactly the same, this structure competition allows each modeller to use the same identical structure and add his own personal touch. There are no restrictions to the style, type, condition or materials used to build the model. It can be built to the scale and prototype that you model so it can be used in your layout after the competition.


1. The structure can be built in any scale and must be built to the basic  dimensions shown in the plan.

2. The base that the structure is sited on is to be a maximum size of  40 scale feet by 20 scale feet. For example, in 1/4to the foot scale, the base  would  be a maximum of 254 mm by 127 mm, while in Ho scale the base  would be a maximum of 140 mm by 70 mm. The height of the base is not restricted.

3. The structure can have doors, windows, etc. where you choose to place them. You can also add verandas, chimneys, lean tos which are attached  to the structure, fences, a full interior and any other item that would be attached to that type of building. Also figures, animals , vehicles, trees etc can be included.

4. If a board walk or veranda is added to the front, it has a maximum width of 6 scale feet.

My model was built in 1/4" to the foot scale, and was located on a fairly steep slope to take advantage of the rules not stating what type of foundation the structure was to sit on. This gave the structure a lot of character and added detail could be included, such as the open side doors with a employee lifting supplies up to the building. The model also features a hand lettered sign on the false front, rusted metal side and rear walls, and a horse water trough out front. Below are photographs of the structure.

The model was fortunate to be voted first place in this interesting section of the competition.

Below are the four sides of the structure.