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An '0' Scale Scratch Built Diorama

"JEFFERSON'S CIDER & VINEGAR WORKS" is a scratch built diorama which features the use of hand built model masters, silicon moulds and resin castings. The diorama measures 700 mm x 400mm (28"  x 16") and features three sections:

1. The Vinegar Tanks (left)       2.  The Factory  (middle)      3:  The Cider Vats  (right)


At left are shown the two main castings used in this diorama. the vinegar tank master and mould are on the left, while on the right is the master and mould of the cider vats. In the middle is a cider vat casting.

Masters can be made like any other model, but if the mould is to be a one piece mould thought needs to be given to undercut so once the mould is made, the master and following castings can be removed from the mould. With these two moulds, only a small amount of undercut be be used. Once the master or model of the object to be duplicated has been made, it needs to be glued to a base and have a wall built all the way around the model. Only a small distance between the model and the wall is required. I normally allow about 5mm as a minimum.

The next step is to make the mould. I use a silicon material called PINKYSIL, which is manufactured and marketed in Australia by Barnes ) as well as sold online by Adelaide Moulding & Casting Supplies  ( ).

PINKYSIL is the ideal mould making material for this type of use, as it is a 1:1 mix. It comes in two bottles, one a red liquid and the other white, and when fully mixed together make a pink coloured thick liquid. Once mixed, just pour slowly over the model until you fill the container that holds the master. I allow overnight for the mould to fully cure.

Once you have the pink coloured moulds, it's time to make the castings. I use another product  made by BARNES called EASYCAST . It is a polyurethane resin which you mix the two parts in equal proportions. This resin, unlike the PINKYSIL cures very quickly, normally in about 90 seconds depending on the conditions, so it's best to do the mixes in small quantities. For small castings like 44 gallon drums, barrels etc, I only mix 15ml of each to make a total of 30ml of resin. If you only fill half of a mould, you can come back with the next mix and finish the casting. EASYCAST only adheres to itself with no join seam. I always have a spare mould like 44 gallon drums, which I use heaps of in my dioramas, so I can use every scrap of a mix.

All my castings are sprayed with a grey automotive undercoat and then painted with acrylic paints. They are then finished off with weathering chalks * and pastel pencils**.

* Bradgdon Indusries make great weathering chalks.    ** 'Conti' make a great pastel pencil which I obtain from an art supply shop.

Below are some more views of the diorama