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One of my favourite plan drawers, Phil Shapter submitted these drawings and plans to the magazine I write a column for, "NARROW GAUGE DOWNUNDER", and I was lucky enough to get a colour copy well before the plans were to be published. That's because as soon as I saw these drawings I fell in love with the structure and just had to build it and couldn't wait to get started.

First I needed to supplement Phil's plans with a stud diagram, because I was going to have a fully detailed interior, as well as a diorama layout plan.

Left can be seen the finished stud walls built over the plans I drew. I used 2" x 4" scale lumber for the studs. To see these plans, click below:


Right can be seen corrugated (aluminium) sheets that are being painted the various blue shades on the top of the sheets, down to rusted metal at the bottom.

These two photographs show the finished shed. While it is only a very simple building, The false front, many interesting signs and the surrounds make it a very interesting subject. The roof is removable so the interior detail can be seen. Below are the stud walls built up as well as the roof trusses.

These are some of the many castings and painted details that are used in this diorama. It's amazing how even a small diorama like "H.Shaw's" can soak them up

Below are different views of the completed diorama.


Above is the whole diorama with the roof off to show the interior detail,

While below are four angles taken with a real back ground.