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With the introduction by Bachmann of their 'On30' Shays and Porters, and other excellent running 'Ho' mechanisms available on the market today that can be converted to 'On30', small layouts with heaps of potential are coming into their own. These small layouts, like the "EAGLE RIVER LOGGING & MINING Co." shown above, can easily fit into our space starved homes or units. This layout would fit easily down one wall of a spare room, and could be narrowed and straightened and sit on top of a bookcase.

The "EAGLE RIVER LOGGING & MINING Co." was designed to be a portable exhibition layout which would be transported in the back of a station wagon. Each board would be approximately 3 feet by 2 feet deep. To gain maximum depth and still be able to fit the layout into the station wagon, the front of each module would slide into the back of the next module, reducing the transporting space required down to 3 feet wide by 6 feet deep. Hence the tapered shape of each module.

While I haven't built this layout ( yet ), it could be the basis of many good layouts.