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In late 2006, I decided to again build an 'On3' layout, where I could run my Rio Grande Southern and Denver & Rio Grande Western locomotives and rolling stock. They had not been used since my last 'On3' layout 'Old Ophir' had been dismanted. These models can be seen in detail by clicking on this link, My 'On3' Locomotives & Rolling Stock.

An added incentive was the 8th Australian Narrow Gauge Convention coming up in Melbourne (my home town) over Easter 2008, which would be an ideal occasion to launch the layout.

All went well, until I loaded the layout into my transporting trailer, which was when the disasters started. The layout modules did not travel well.  The internal frame in the trailer gave way and damaged several of the main structures, including the depot and water tank. Not only that, but when I assembled the layout in the Convention hall I found that in places the baseboards had warped. This occurred because in my attempt to make the baseboards light weight  to aid in transporting and carrying around, I had made them too light. This warping effected the hand laid track in many places, causing many derailments and electrical problems.

Once home, I fixed what I could, as I had one other committment to display the layout at a local model railway exhibition. Luckily I hadn't excepted any other invitation at this time.

Now the big decision, What to I do? Do I try and somehow fix the layout or do I scrap it. After much consideration I decided that it was unfixable, so all the buildings, rail, backdrops and anything else that was salvagable was rescued and stored away.

I hate to be beaten, so taking on board all the stupid mistakes I had made, I  designed and built 'San Migual on the Rio Grande Southern', which can be seen through this link.

Photographs of this short lived layout can be seen below.