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"FRED C. DOBBS" started as a diorama of a small auto garage built by Phil Shapter, a master diorama builder, model structure plan drawer (see most issues of "Narrow Gauge Downunder" magazine) as well as being a good friend. I bought this diorama, along with a junk yard diorama from Phil some ten or twelve years ago when he wanted to finance a new venture at the time.

These are the two dioramas that got me started in building stand alone structure dioramas, as against building structures that were to be located on a model railroad, and for that I have much to thank Phil for.

Both dioramas were imbedded into my new layout at the time, called "Old Ophir" (an On3 scale fictitious branch of the Rio Grande Southern). When Old Ophir was dismantled several years ago, the two dioramas sat in my model room gathering dust and slowly deteriorating as parts got broken or fell off. The two can be seen below after I cleaned the loose and damaged bits off and before I combined them into one diorama and then started the renovations.

"Fred Dobb's" and the "Junk Yard Shed" with all the loose parts removed, which can be seen below

All the bits were dusted, cleaned and repainted to bring them back to original condition.

Loads of additional details parts were added to complete the finished scene, below.

Along with all of Phil's details seen above, I have added figures, lots of signs, a van, a lot of fencing, long grass, a billboard and heaps of my own details, including 74 tyres, to the diorama.



More photos of the finished diorama can be seen below.