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I needed a line- side structure to fit a special position on my new 'On30' layout "STREAKY BAY". The rear of the structure had to be two stories and would face the front of the layout and be served by a siding, while the front was single story on the road level.

I choose a feed & grain store because of the many different details that could be added to the working side of this structure, as well as being a good switching location for box cars, gondolas and even flat cars.

The entire structure has an interior base of 3 mm matt board (treated cardboard used to surround pictures), with the main warehouse section clad in weatherboards and the second story office covered in board and batten. 

The entire structure, scratch built in 1/4" to the foot scale, was built using "Mt Albert Lumber", while the roof is scale thickness corrugated aluminium supplied by "VR Models". All the feed and grain bags are home made resin castings, cast from rubber moulds of my own masters - see "Making Your Own Castings" for more details.


The sign on the left side of the structure was made by down loading the sign from the Internet and is seen below left. In the middle the parts not required have been cropped or cloned out using a computer program like Photoshop or GIMP (which you can download free of the net). The finished sign is seen below right, with the words "FEED & GRAIN" and "WHEN ONLY THE BEST WILL DO" added using Microsoft Wordart™, a sub program of MS Word or MS Publisher. If you are using Microsoft Publisher™ you can select the whole sign and save it as a Jpeg image. It can then be reduced or enlarged to suit where you want the sign to be placed.